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NJ Law Enforcement Recruit Resources LLC was created to help you find all of the information and resources necessary so you can position yourself for a career in NJ law enforcement and actively seek employment. Resources include a book, website, and live seminars.

The goal is to fill in the gap for available information on the subject of NJ law enforcement recruitment. After having personal experience engaged in the process of job seeking, I realized that the difficulties I was having in gathering information are shared by most other candidates as well, and it was all because of a lack of available information, or information that too widely scattered and hard to find.

There are 4 main resources that NJ Law Enforcement Candidate Services can provide you:

  1. The book, “How to Become a NJ Police Officer” offers a single source for a complete summary on how to enter into NJ law enforcement. It is the first of its kind, single resource that will inform you about everything you need to know to quickly and effectively engage in the job seeking process.
  2. Identify and locate departments that are hiring and determine whether your qualifications meet their requirements. There are not any comprehensive lists or “one stop job banks” where you can review a list of all law enforcement agencies in NJ that are currently hiring. On this website, you will find an evolving list under the LE Job Openings link.
  3. Many agencies are starting to publish websites and provide vital information on the Internet. Still, there continues to be a lack of information about their hiring practices as well as listings for the entry level positions they employ. In most cases, there is not any information about when they will hire next or what qualifications they will require. Consider the possibility that you have always wanted to work for a particular agency. What should your next career move be in order to best position yourself for the next position? Will you qualify when they do hire again? How will YOU know when they are going to hire next? Another great resource is the NJ Agency Profiles page.
  4. Law enforcement seminars and training classes taught by NJ law enforcement professionals with years of experience in hiring and training new recruits. Subjects include overview of the NJ law enforcement structure, hiring processes, interviews including the dreaded Oral Board Review, and much more. Visit the Seminars/Training page to view a listing of preparation classes and dates, and instructor bios.

About Me

At the age of 31 ½ with only 3 ½ years left to become a police officer in a municipality, I started dispatching in West Long Branch, NJ. I knew if I was going to be hired as a New Jersey police officer, I would have to work fast, since the maximum hiring age of 35 was around the corner. At the time, I did not have a Clue that you can still be hired as a Sheriff’s Officer beyond 35, since they will enroll you in a different pension plan than a municipality!

One year later, I attended the Monmouth County Police Academy and participated in the Special Police Officer Class II program. Upon completion in May of 2003, I worked as a Police Officer Class II in West Long Branch until the Fall in 2004. Assuming I would not be hired in New Jersey by my 35th birthday and hastily declining a job offer in corrections, I moved to Arizona to explore other interests while living near family in Scottsdale.

After living there for about a year, I moved back to NJ and became employed with the Belmar Police Department as a Class II Police Officer where I am currently employed as a part time seasonal officer, and work on the this website full time.

During my time spent working within law enforcement, I constantly received many questions from interested potential candidates about how to enter the field of law enforcement. It is the large number of interested people who constantly expressed confusion for how and where to enter the field that has inspired me to engage in this project.

As I look back at the years I spent trying to become hired as a Full Time Regular Police Officer, I realize that if several resources existed, and if I had the information I am providing to you now, I would have saved a great deal of time! Hence, the idea for a book and website was born!

Years later, I re-visited the area in the bookstore where you can find books on law enforcement careers. To my amazement, I still could not find a single book on the subject New Jersey law enforcement specifically!

Now that my time has come and gone, I would like to help all of the other candidates that are just entering the field, or who are just thinking about entering the field and are still in high school.

With my past experiences, current and future recruits in mind, I have created a book, website, and host of seminar topics with qualified instructors to present to the “next” generation of New Jersey law enforcement candidates.

Good luck in your search for a job, and I hope these resources and information save you valuable time and provide you with much needed direction!

Please Contact me with any thoughts or questions you have while researching for your future career!

Thank you!

Michael DiLieto

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