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NJ-Police-Recruit.com Legal Statements

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1. Copywrite Information

You'll find this copyright notice on every page at this Web site, usually at the bottom of each page:

Copyright © 2007 NJ-Police-Recruit.com. All rights reserved.

All material at this Web site, such as text, images, markup, CSS, programming, title tag content, meta element tag content, and design, is copyright © 2007 to NJ-Police-Recruit.com and its owner and editor NJ Law Enforcement Recruit Resources LLC d/b/a NJ-Police-Recruit.com, and may not be reproduced elsewhere in any way without explicit written permission.

Framing anything from NJ-Police-Recruit.com within another Web site is strictly prohibited, also known as “trapping” a site within another site's frames.

It's ok to learn from elements of NJ-Police-Recruit.com's html, CSS, programming, and content but the design and unique combination of images, colors, sizes, typography, and positioning is copyright © 2007 to NJ-Police-Recruit.com and may not be reproduced or used anywhere else.

Regarding the text content, copyrights do apply to the text found on this website.

2. Permissions

Use of anything from this Web site, in part or in whole, without specific written permission is copyright infringement, such as content, images, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, or framing any pages within another site (this list is representative, not all-inclusive). Offenders can and will be prosecuted.

For educators and students, book authors and publishers, contact NJ-Police-Recruit.com about what you wish to use and the reason.

No exceptions.

3. Information Disclaimer

The content of NJ-Police-Recruit.com is for general information purposes only and does not constitute legal, accounting, career guidance, or any type of other professional advice at all. NJ-Police-Recruit.com tries to provide content that is true and accurate as of the date of writing; however, we give no assurance or warranty regarding the accuracy, timeliness, or applicability of any of the contents. Visitors to NJ-Police-Recruit.com should not act upon NJ-Police-Recruit.com's content or information without first seeking appropriate professional advice.

NJ-Police-Recruit.com is not intended to be a source for advice. Visitors to NJ-Police-Recruit.com should always seek the advice of an appropriately qualified professional. NJ-Police-Recruit.com assumes no responsibility for information contained on this Web site and disclaims all liability in respect of such information. In addition, none of NJ-Police-Recruit.com's content will form any part of any contract between us or constitute any type of offer by NJ-Police-Recruit.com. Specific disclaimers may apply in addition to certain content or parts of the site.

NJ-Police-Recruit.com accepts no responsibility for and excludes all liability in connection with browsing this Web site, use of information, or downloading any materials from it, including but not limited to any liability for errors, inaccuracies, omissions, or misleading or defamatory statements. The information at this Web site might include opinions or views which, unless expressly stated otherwise, are not necessarily those of NJ-Police-Recruit.com or any associated company or any person in relation to whom they would have any liability or responsibility.

All content and information at NJ-Police-Recruit.com might be changed or updated without notice. NJ-Police-Recruit.com might also make changes or improvements at any time without notice.

This Web site and access to it are provided “as is” and NJ-Police-Recruit.com expressly disclaims any and all warranties, express or implied, to the extent permitted by law, including but not limited to warranties of satisfactory quality, merchantability, or fitness for a particular purpose, with respect to the service or any materials.

NJ-Police-Recruit.com hereby excludes liability for any claims, losses, demands, or damages of any kind whatsoever with regard to any information, content, or services provided at our Web site, including but not limited to direct, indirect, incidental, or consequential loss or damages, compensatory damages, loss of profits, or data, or otherwise.

All pictures, photographs, drawings, symbols, and logos contained in this publication are included for illustrative purposes only. The publisher and author have no affiliation with any of the agencies, entities, or people depicted and no endorsement or sponsorship should be implied.

Disclaimer of Endorsement

Reference within this site to any specific commercial or non-commercial product, process, or service by trade name, trademark, manufacturer or inclusion of any drawings, photographs, or form illustrations, otherwise does not constitute or imply an endorsement, recommendation, or favoring by NJ-Police-Recruit.com. The views and opinions of the authors of content published at NJ-Police-Recruit.com does not necessarily state or reflect the opinion of NJ-Police-Recruit.com or its owners, and cannot be used for advertising or product endorsement purposes.

References to books, software, Web sites, or products as “Recommended by NJ-Police-Recruit.com” are specific suggestions only and do not necessarily constitute or imply an endorsement.

Disclaimer for Links to External, Third Party Web Sites

Links to external, or third party Web sites, are provided solely for visitors' convenience. Links taken to other sites are done so at your own risk and NJ-Police-Recruit.com accepts no liability for any linked sites or their content. When you access an external Web site, keep in mind that NJ-Police-Recruit.com has no control over its content.

Any link from NJ-Police-Recruit.com to an external Web site does not imply or mean that NJ-Police-Recruit.com endorses or accepts any responsibility for the content or the use of such Web site. NJ-Police-Recruit.com does not give any representation regarding the quality, safety, suitability, or reliability of any external Web sites or any of the content or materials contained in them. It is important for users to take necessary precautions, especially to ensure appropriate safety from viruses, worms, Trojan horses and other potentially destructive items.

When visiting external Web sites, users should review those Websites' privacy policies and other terms of use to learn more about, what, why and how they collect and use any personally identifiable information.

Content and Links Disclaimer

NJ-Police-Recruit.com seeks to ensure that all content and information published at this Web site is current and accurate. The information at NJ-Police-Recruit.com does not in any way constitute legal or professional advice and NJ-Police-Recruit.com cannot be held liable for actions arising from its use. In addition, NJ-Police-Recruit.com cannot be held responsible for the contents of any externally linked pages.

4. Terms and Conditions of Use

The Web site from which you accessed this agreement (“the Web site”) is provided to you subject to the following conditions. These terms are in addition to any other terms governing access to the Web site. By visiting (in any manner) the Web site you accept these terms and conditions (the “Terms of Service”). Please read them carefully.

Forbidden: Direct Linking to Images on This Server, aka “Hotlinking”

Anyone or any Web site found in my server logs attempting to directly link to images on my server will be banned indefinitely from accessing this Web site.

In addition, ALL materials at this Web site are copyrighted and owned by NJ Law Enforcement Recruit Resources LLC, and NJ-Police-Recruit.com. Anyone or any Web site found using ANY of the images, style sheets (CSS), content, or ANY materials at this site can be reported to law enforcement for stealing. See the Copyright Information for more details.

Forbidden: Site Rippers, Mass Downloaders, Offline Browsers

Visitors may not, under any circumstances, use site rippers, offline browsers, site downloaders, or automated software to access or download anything from NJ-Police-Recruit.com. It is forbidden to save entire pages to download the graphics, presets, or other materials from NJ-Polie-Recruit.com.

Note: Anyone using these types of software will be banned indefinitely from NJ-Police-Recruit.com.

Special License Restrictions for Non-Human Visitors

Any Non-Human Visitors to the Web site shall be considered agents of the individual(s) who controls, authors or otherwise makes use of them. The access rights granted to you under the Terms of Service are non-transferable without the express written permission of the owner of the Web site.

Special restrictions on a visitor's license to access the Web site apply to Non-Human Visitors. Non-Human Visitors include, but are not limited to, Web spiders, bots, indexers, robots, crawlers, harvesters, or any other computer programs designed to access, read, compile or gather content from the Web site automatically.

Email addresses on this site are considered proprietary intellectual property. It is recognized that these email addresses are provided for human visitors alone. You acknowledge and agree that each email address the Web site contains has a value not less than US $150. You further agree that the compilation, storage, and/or distribution of these addresses substantially diminishes the value of these addresses. Intentional collection, harvesting, gathering, and/or storing this Web site's email addresses is recognized as a violation of this agreement and expressly prohibited.

Applicable Law and Jurisdiction

Each party agrees that any suit, action or proceeding brought by such party against the other in connection with or arising from the Terms of Service (“Judicial Action”) shall be governed by the laws of the state of NJ. Any and all legal actions against or aimed at NJ-Police-Recruit.com shall be conducted by the Superior Court of NJ, Bergen County vicinage, or the federal courts in the State of New Jersey having venue over disputes arising in Bergen County, NJ. Administrative Contact (the “Admin State”) for the Web site as such laws are applied to agreements between Admin State residents entered into and performed entirely within the Admin State. You consent to the jurisdiction of federal and state courts within the Admin State. You consent to the venue in any action brought against him in connection with breaches of these Terms of Service. You consent to electronic service of process regarding actions under the above agreement.

Records of Visitor Use and Abuse

You consent to having your Internet Protocol address recorded. An email address may appear immediately below (the “Identifier”) if we suspect potential abuse. The Identifier is uniquely matched to your Internet Protocol address. Visitors agree not to use this address for any reason.

Visitors agree that harvesting, gathering, storing, transferring to a third party or sending any message(s) to the identifier constitutes an acceptance and subsequent breach of these terms of service.

5. Privacy Policy

NJ-Police-Recruit.com does NOT use any visitor information for any purpose other than to help improve the Web site. Email addresses submitted through our forms and any other visitor information is never sold or used for any other purpose. Information allows us to respond to inquiries if needed, improve our Web site, and ban spammers and hacking attempts.

In addition, no visitor information is available at this Web site or anywhere else that is publicly available.

NOTE: Spammers, hackers, and others conducting questionable behavior will be banned from this Web site and reported to appropriate authorities, including law enforcement for Internet crimes, solely at the discretion of the Web site owner and server owner. We save all spam to provide to law enforcement as evidence for prosecution. See also our Terms and Conditions of Use. We have a zero tolerance policy for spammers.

NJ Law Enforcement Recruit Resources LLC d/b/a NJ-Police-Recruit.com is a private company is NOT a law enforcement agency and does not represent any NJ law enforcement agencies that are depicted throughout the website.

Copyright © 2007 NJ Police Recruit.com All Rights Reserved. Duplication in whole or in part is strictly prohibited.