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On this page you will find short 1 and 2 page Adobe .pdf documents available for a free download or on screen viewing.

These documents are supplements to the book "How to Become a NJ Police Officer or State Trooper" which is currently being printed as well as for the "Forum Page" on this website.

The documents contain information relevant to police recruiting. This information you find here was gathered and written after the book was printed so it is being placed here for you to download for free as a supplement. These documents also expand on various subjects and statements made on the "Forum Page" here on the site. The "Forum" is a place where brief information is listed according to category as it relates to the field of NJ Law Enforcement Recruitment.

As always, please feel free to Contact me with any questions you may in reference to any material on this website.

NJ Police Recruit Downloads
Date Article Title
10/02/08 Law Enforcement Sample Applications

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